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What Top marketers can teach you about CONTENT MARKETING

Many products and items are sold by what they can offer. Many other factors also impact the sales of a product. A single thing, not being sold can sometimes prove to be fatal for the business. A few casual attempts may also risk the company’s image. However, word of mouth from one to many people could also change the fate of business sales to a very high degree. For people to have faith and for the company to develop a strong customer trusts they must understand the importance of content marketing and not just advertise the goods.

For all to be understood and learned, top marketers from all across the world have tried to teach the younger lot who strive to start a business today. There are many books and blogs that successful marketers have written to elaborate on their ideas of content marketing. Tips like the customer connection with the company, building brand awareness can only be achieved by content marketing. Thus it should be taken very seriously.

Here are some remarkable tips from the top marketers:

  • Know your aim.

Before convincing anyone else it is very important for the marketer to be well convinced. If not satisfied, the marketer should study the product even more. If a content marketer is marketing a product without having any knowledge or by knowing only a part of the full, it will get easily noticed by the audience, and they would understand clearly that the company is selling the product just for the sheer sake of it.

This would develop a negative connotation among the people. This would, in turn, cause a recognizable amount of damage to the business of the company. It should be taken into account that marketing members are well versed with the product they are going to sell.

Trying to beat around the bush, while explaining anything would result in a lack of attention of the audience. Diving right into the point to be made is a better approach. Learn what part to edit from your content before presenting it to the audience.

  • Understand the need for good content marketing.

There are many start-ups that do not understand the need for content marketing. Some believe that they could manage to create content, as well as many other jobs at the same time. The only way to make a business grow is by understanding the need for good content marketing which is possible only if the company has a good number of creative people who are excellent in creating content.

The more content that one makes and uploads, the more popular a brand will get. These contents could be as elementary as providing some additional information about the company’s product or otherwise. This way the content creator can stay connected with the people, and more people can discover the business run by the creator.

  • Try to understand the customers.

It is essential to understand consumers and try to implement their feedbacks in the products. This technique would help them connect with marketers and realize that their complaints and praises are being heard and getting answered as well. In many social platforms, there are many allowances for consumers to comment on the company’s products or goods. It is crucial to hire somebody to read all the comments, review, complaints and feedbacks to get a thorough understanding of what the customer expects and needs.

By doing this the company could make excellent improvement in their products and could boost the efforts of the workers of the company.

  • The only way to be effective is to make excellent videos.

In a rapidly moving world, it is almost impossible to capture one’s attention by just displaying some written content. As users of social media are there just for the fun of it, it is almost impossible to get them to read something. Hence, it is vital that in the company’s marketing strategy they should make use of videos and other pictorial presentation. The videos should be as short as possible, as people’s attention span is not long and they should contain only the main features of the products up for sale.

The first few moments in the videos should be expressive and personal so that the customers connect emotionally and understand the makers’ vision without being objectionable. The video must showcase the sincerity and humility of the brand.  Only then will it resonate with the consumer.

  • Watch out for competitors

Try to learn about all that the competitor companies are doing and improving. Doing this the company can try and work in the areas they are lacking. By attempting to work on all that the company can prosper enormously, and may also overpower the competitor company. Researching can develop the thinking process of the workers and can sometimes even give birth to thoughts of another dimensional advantage.


The entrepreneur should have the ability to adapt to all that’s new and not have a narrow-minded view. E.g., Today even the apple company has cut down a little on its profits due to the decreased sales of iPhones. Many companies are providing the same features in lesser amounts.

  • Try hiring people who have knowledge in varied fields of work

Especially for start-ups where the budget is not a large sum, entrepreneurs can opt for hiring individuals who have skills in various kinds of work. Individuals who are creative and skillful, but at the same time can do some mundane jobs that any commoner could do. This way the marketers will spend revenue on areas that require more attention.

On the contrary hiring, many individuals may cause confusion in any project. This can also cause other frivolous problems such as ego issues, shortage of area etc.

  • Your content should be engaging as well as educating.

The audience should connect with the content that is posted after securitization. For this, you should always know the fact that not all the customers are sound with all the new trends. Your explanation process should be brief, but effectual. While educating your customers, the marketer should only use real-time facts.

Despite which the customers would lose interest and trust on the marketer and would never opt of anything that the company would provide. Marketers should also understand that they should have a variety of other products as well for the customers.


  • Analyze the response.

Various social media platforms provide entrepreneurs putting up content on the internet with some real-time data. This data could be of different aspects. YouTube gives you data about what all is trending. At the same time, you can also understand how people are responding to your videos online. The number of views, the number of likes and dislikes and other factors are available on YouTube.

The entrepreneurs should be able to analyze these numbers and understand what all is lacking in the contents and what factors could be improved. The audience’s interest, likes, and dislikes can easily get estimated by these numbers and could be of great help for entrepreneurs eagerly waiting for a response.

  • Include SEO words

Google only puts up content that is making good news or is being searched for frequently. SEO words are search engine words; these words are the words that many would enter on the search engine bar. Try to put content or blogs on the web that cater to these words. These words could create the right amount of trafficking on your blog or website and would create more awareness about your company. Headings, hashtags and other marks could compel the customer to read more about the company

The marketer must not rely on using these words frequently in the content as this could cause a lot of repetition and could get the reader bored. Along with SEO words, content marketers should know how to connect with the people.

  • Provide some compensation to the viewers.

There has been a trend that has begun recently of giveaways. A common place where this is happening is on YouTube where after crossing a certain number of subscribers, content creators give away goodies to their subscribers only after they follow them on Instagram and other social media platforms. This way they gain many followers and this increases their brand value.

There are many lessons that are taught by successful content marketers. Entrepreneurs or people who aim at building a business should learn from everything that these content marketers have to provide. The success, as well as failure, should be learned about very eagerly. Failure teaches better lessons than success does. Successes after major failures are even more enterprising.

These content marketers who had started from the very basic have inspiring stories that could engage many in reading about how to achieve their goals. The smaller milestones are the ones that have to be dealt with to have the final success. You could have your own story to inspire others into creating new businesses.

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